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7 Important Google URLs That Every User Should Know

After spending lot of times on google,i found that there are some urls about them every user don't know and which are somewhere deep inside our google dashboard .I am here to share those urls with all the google users .

So here are that 7 important links:

1.During creating a new google account google uses @gmail.com as your google account username.But here is a url with the help of this url you can create a new account using your existing email address and you can use any other email address as your username.

2. Google provide a facility to download all your information such as your messages,photos,youtube videos,contacts etc from google ecosystem .So we can grab our all google information at anytime .Here is the from there we can download our all important data.


3. If you see that your content that appearing on another website that is using  one or more google products like blogspot,youtube,picasa,orkut,drive and docs,google+,etc  has been removed. Then you can get that content again by just sendig a legal complaint with google against that site. Here is the link where you have to visit in such case.

4.Google records all the search history whatever you typed and make a google search ,if you want to see that history you can simply have to go to the following link .

5.You must have to login to your google account atleast a single time else google may terminate your account according to their  program and policies.
If you are using multiple google accounts then you can set your primary or main account as trusted account for all secondary account , so google can send a reminder every month to login to your secondary account .

6.If you are worried that someone is using your account then this url helps to see from where you logged in to your google account .This url shows your recent login activities .Unfortunately you can't logout your self from that sessions .

7.At last an important for google apps user ,if your google account ever get hacked then here is a secret link from where you can reset your admin password .You will be asked for verifying your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your DNS.


you have to insert your own web domain name at domain.com in the above url.

Hope you enjoyed.

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How To Host A Website On Google Drive


Google’s one more exciting feature is web hosting! Now we can build a website with HTML,CSS and JAVA Script files inside Google Drive account and all these is free of cost.

Today we are going to know that how we can host a website for free on Google Drive. You have to just follow the simple steps as following to know the trick.

Steps to host a website on Google Drive:

Step 1: First of all it is required to log in to one’s own Google drive account or the account through which one wants to manage the website. If you don’t have Google account then sign up .

Step 2: After doing this we have to click on the create option and then follow this by clicking option.

Step 3: In the next step we have to name the “New Folder”, choose any name as your wish. In our post we name the folder “New Website”.

Step 4: Now after naming the folder the next task is to select the checkbox appearing right next to the new folder.

Step 5: Then next we have to click on the icon that says “Sharing Settings”.

Step 6: Then we have to change the access rights of the folder by clicking on the “Change” option.

Step 7: In the sharing settings we have to choose the option “Public on the web” to make that folder public.

Step 8: After this we must have to click on the folder’s title that was “My Website” kept in earlier step.

Step 9: By doing this one creates a public but never the less empty folder.


Step 10: Now we can upload any file to website by clicking on the upload “files” icon.

Step 11: Following the procedure next up, we must select a file with index.html from one’s hard drive, Then “Upload and share” option must be clicked.

Step 12: Our   new folder thus gets a home page now.

Step 13: Then we must have to copy the characters after “#folders”.

Step 14: Then the copied strings are supposed to paste on the address bar.

By following all these 14 simple steps, you can easily host a website on Google Drive without any problem.    
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It All Lies in Our Attitude


It is our attitude that makes us succeed in our life. Is that so? Indeed it is. Our attitude is what makes us a brand in the world over. Some people in the world are of the mindset that they overcome every hurdle in their lives, while some give it up on the way.

 What makes these two classes of people differ from one another? Nothing else but attitude. Now our attitude may be governed by various thoughts. For instance, if I am a student I may be wondering what to do, which stream to choose so as to have a great future.

 If I am an earning person, an adult, your homely and outside expenses may be a matter of concern for me. If I am a retired person, peace of mind may be a thing I may be worried about or it may even be my ill health. What makes me ponder over these things so much? The answer lies here “my attitude”. 


Attitude can be like a liquid substance, say water. Water as you know takes the shape of the container in which it is stored. So is our attitude. The more in shape is the container of my thoughts, the better becomes my attitude. The human mind is an opposite respondent.

 It responds quickly to the thoughts that are stricken opposite to it. If for instance I say to myself don’t think of an apple, the first thing that would strike my mind will of course be an apple. What should I do in such a situation? Why not tell the mind not to be positive? Why not tell it not to think about the present? If the mind can trick you, why can’t you trick your mind? Tell it not to move towards the good, the first thing it will do is bring to you all the good things in life.

 All this can be done if my attitude is right. My attitude should be such that can adjust to any circumstance and then I may surely say no stone in your life shall be left unturned. After all add up the alphabets in the word “ATTITUDE” as A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E and you will get 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100.   
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Crazy Facts That Every User Should Know About Gmail & Google

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All of us use Google Dozens of times a day for searching good and bad things.All of us use many services of Google too,like Gmail,Google Plus,Google Drive,Android.If you are a Big Google fan like me then this post is must read for you.

In this post I am going to cover many important facts,services  and tricky information about Google and Gmail  you may don’t you.

How To Find Creation Date Of Your Gmail Account:

Ever needed to find out the exact date when was your Google account created?This date can be very useful in many situations such as you forgot the password,your security question and even don’t have access to your secondary email.

This is the best and easiest method to find out when you created your Gmail account.

Open your browser and paste this link in address bar , write your Gmail address , remove inverted commas and hit enter.


Here you can find the date when was your Gmail account created and Last date you sign in.

Now Some Interesting Facts About Google And Google:

1) First Tweet Of Google : 


The First Tweet of Google was “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” Which meant I’m Feeling Lucky in Binary . Mostly people do not know this fact .  

2) The Name Google : 


The initial name of Google was Back Rub,when it was in testing mode.After that is Named as Googol which meant  one followed by Hundred Zeros.But Google’s Founders chosen the word Google as a spelling mistake.

3) “Did you mean…” : 


Biggest change in the number of searches occurred on Google when they introduced a Spell-Checker feature which ask Searchers they “Did you mean..?”.It actually doubled their Traffic and they were confused where to place that information,after long discussion they figure out to place it below the search results because it was the most effective way.

 4) I’m Feeling Lucky : 


Most of the Google users don’t know about this button and even never used it .When user press this button it shows no ads and takes user to first webpage on the Result page.

5) Rented Goats:


Now it seems laughing ,Instead of using Lawn Movers Google rents 200+ Goats From a company Cailfornia Grazing to cut down weeds on Google HeadQuaters.

Footprints Of Your Gmail Account :

1) Managing History : 


 First of all click on "Account" and when a new window opens then click on "Account History". 

    Google saves your search history to deliver better suggestions and faster results.You can get information about 'Things you search on Google’,Places you have been(Google Location History),your YouTube searches,Things & videos you have watched on YouTube.You can manage your history from this section.You also can disable & delete your Google Search And YouTube searches.

2) Services You Are Using:

Here you can find all the services of Google that you are using like Adsense,Analytics,Android,Audio History,Blogger,Calendar,Chrome Sync,Contacts,FeedBurner,Gmail Conversations ,Google Photos,Google +,Profile,Search  History,Talk,Webmaster Tools and YouTube.You can manage all the services with a single click.
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Remove Attribution (Powered By Blogger ) From Blogger Within a minute

Most of the newbie bloggers choose free blogger templates available online which shoot there blog or content.They finds ‘attribution’ widget known as ‘Powered by Blogger’ which is designed in locked condition or its value is set to true.


They want to remove this widget but not able to get ride this problem.

But  blogger tips and tricks enables you a simple way to remove that ‘Attribution’ widget from blogger template without too much hard work.

To remove attribution we have to follow some simple steps as follow:

1)Sign in to your blogger account.

2)Now click on ‘Template’.

3)Now click on ‘Edit Template’.

4)Now search for the ‘attribution’ widget from ‘Jump To Widget’ top tab as shown in the image below.


5)Now find click on expand button.

6)Replace the locked=’true’ into locked=’false’ as  shown.

7)Now click on ‘Save Template’.

8)Now go to ‘Layout’.

9)Click on ‘Edit Attribution’ button and press on ‘Remove’ button.


10)Save the template.

Now cheers you have get ride of attribution widget(‘Powered By Blogger’).If you until have any difficulty then ask .

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